A European agenda to navigate uncertain times

How to steer the EU towards wellbeing for all, now and in the future


This joint paper co-issued by the SPES, WISE Horizons, ToBe, WISER, and MERGE projects proposes a policy agenda for the new European Commission to ensure sustainable and inclusive wellbeing. It calls for integrated public and stakeholder support to develop policies that address immediate concerns and secure the future wellbeing of people, aiming for a secure, prosperous, and equitable Europe through forward-thinking policymaking. The paper puts forward concrete suggestions on how the European Commission can advance sustainable and inclusive wellbeing in times of polycrisis. These include strengthening the science-based policy toolkit, reforming the European semester process, as well as implementing policies for 5 societal transformations and 13 policy areas.



  • WISE Horizons: Rutger Hoekstra (Editor; Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University), Jonathan Barth (ZOE) and Raphael Kaufmann (ZOE)
  • SPES: Mario Biggeri, Andrea Ferrannini (UNIFI), Katja Reuter (Social Platform)
  • ToBe: Tuuli Hirvilammi, Liisa Häikiö (Tampere University), Laura Rayner (EPC)
  • WISER: Martijn Burger (Open University of the Netherlands), Stefano Bartolini (University of Siena), Francesco Sarracino (STATEC)
  • WISE Horizons, SPES and ToBe also collaborate in the MERGE project (which is coordinated by Tampere University)