About the Global South Insights Lab

Building on the Future & Just Transition Labs

The Global South Insights Lab, a virtual, co-creative workshop that aims to capture more voices of groups that have been historically excluded of decision-making and adversely affected by many of the policies implemented, including but not limited to, Indigenous peoples, peasant communities, people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, internally displaced persons, migrants, and informal workers. At this workshop, consortium members will present findings from the previous two co-creative labs hosted by WISE Horizons, as well as two upcoming project outputs, the WISE Theory of Institutional Change, and the WISE Global Report: Global Analysis. Participant input through plenary feedback sessions and breakout discussions will be sought to validate or challenge the results.

The Global South Insights Lab follows two in-person workshops, the Future Lab held in September 2023 and the Just Transitions Lab, held in November 2023. Continuing in the same direction, the Global South Insights Lab will be held virtually to support the participation of key stakeholders based outside of Europe, and especially in the Southern Hemisphere to understand how the Just Transition plays out in European vs. non-European contexts. By offering a virtual co-creative event, we will ensure that the conceptual and technical work as part of the WISE Horizons project is based on the real-life experiences of individuals from different backgrounds and is used to validate or challenge early results of the WISE Horizons project. This way, we can ensure more robust inputs for the project so that the outcomes address the unique priorities, requirements, and circumstances of various groups.

The workshop will take place online on March 20th (9-12h CET). Limited spots are available, and participant selection aims to ensure diversity among stakeholders and Global South representation. Selected participants will be informed via email with a more detailed briefing prior to the event.

We encourage people with a background in the realm of Just Transitions or a lived experience in the Global South to register their interest through the form below: