About the Just Transitions Lab

November 22, Brussels

Photo: Fortytwo on Unsplash

Building on the Future Lab

In September 2023, a diverse group of participants of the WISE Horizons Future Lab got together to envision how a world in which wellbeing, sustainability, and inclusion were a reality could look like in 2050 and which might be the different pathways that could take us there.

What does a future based on wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainability look like from different perspectives?

In a second step, the Just Transitions Lab will try to further refine these scenarios. Participants will collectively reflect on how the shift towards a paradigm that has wellbeing, inclusion, and sustainability at its core and the relevant policies linked to this transformation might affect different communities. This co-creative workshop aims to capture the voices of groups that have been historically excluded of decision-making and adversely affected by many of the policies implemented, including but not limited to, Indigenous peoples, peasant communities, people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, internally displaced persons, migrants, people with disabilities, and informal workers.

The workshop will take place in person in Brussels on November 22nd.

Limited spots are available, and participant selection aims to ensure diversity among participants. Selected participants may apply for a travel stipend to cover their travel-related expenses.

We encourage those whose work or background relate to the topic of ‘Just Transitions’ to register their interest via this form: