About the Just Transitions Lab

Building on the Future Lab

The Just Transition Lab—held on November 22nd, 2023 in Brussels—was the second co-creative public event of the WISE Horizons project. Building on the findings of the Future Lab, this workshop focused on identifying and articulating the key trade-offs that might arise as we implement the policies and actions needed for a just transition.  

The goal of the Lab was capturing the insights of a diverse group of stakeholders, representing a wide range of groups that have been historically marginalised from decision-making and adversely affected by policies and phenomena related to the green transition. In particular, we aimed to connect these to the modelling exercises being done as part of WISE Horizons technical work. By creating bridges between stakeholder insights and technical models, we aim to ensure that our project is informed by people’s lived experiences, addressing the different priorities, needs, and contexts of diverse groups.  

Curious to know more about the Just Transition Lab findings? Stay tuned for an upcoming summary of the WISE Horizons co-creation labs.